Welcome to Radical Abundance and Security

A great future for humanity
A healthy environment, peace, security, and freedom
A practical option for all

This project will deliver everyone a home, food, education, communication and travel.

What did not happen was the project complete by 2020 - as it is now 2021.

It empowers personal responsibiliy by providing security and opportunity.

We create a set of robots that can do all this and make another one for us.

For those of you who doubt it is economically possible consider this:
Having a machine that can do all aspects of production means it does so at no cost.

This is a fundamental change to the structure of economic theory.

The wealth created by this gives us the means to tackle all of the major ecological issues facing humanity, and to create whatever we responsibly choose.

Radical Abundance and Security has many novel uses for proven technolgies. It may seem more what you would think possible.
Consider: that is what most people thought about going to the moon in 1960.

There are many aspects of this project that I do not know exactly how to do, and I am as certain that it is possible as anyone was in 1960 that going to the moon was possible.

Various aspects of the project are explored to give a feeling for the potential that is available.

Whatever it is that motivates you, wealth, contribution, exploration, adventure - there is something in this project to interest you.

Ted has been an arrogant self righteous individual at times, some of that will no doubt show through in some of these writings, they have been written from 1974 to the present. I ask you to make the effort to see past my humanity, and see some of what is possible for yourself, and for all humanity.

Enjoy your exploration.

Radical Abundance and Security the overview

Choice and responsibility

Empowering individuals

Some issues

Reasons for taking on a project like this

The factory complex

The power of doubling

Empowering individuals

Beliefs of Ted



The environment

rights and responsibilities

Transport options

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