Empowering Individuals

How does building a self replicating robotic complex empower individuals ?

Basically by making the intellectual and physical labour of many who have lived before, available to each individual.

The sort of factory complex I envisage will be able to manufacture a limited array of goods (electric cookers and cars, crockery and simple clothing, water pipes and hydroponic gardens, toilet pans and sewage treatment systems, communication and training systems) from sunlight and sand.

Perhaps more useful will be the intelligence and mechanical effort it can bring to solving local problems with local resources.

As a species we have the knowledge to do almost anything we want. As individuals the knowledge and resource we need to achieve the things we desire often appear to require more effort than the result is worth.

This robotic complex will have a communications hub connected by satellite or fibre optics to all other complexes world wide. Information will only be a question away.

Technology provided can be entirely appropriate to circumstances; for example :- composting systems that recycle all human and food waste hygienically into a hydroponics system to grow your own vegetables; or solar powered distillers to provide clean drinking water; or small robots to protect individual plants from bird, insect, or mammal predators, and ensure each plant has the water and nutrients it needs.

Individuals can gain knowledge in whatever field takes their interest simply by asking appropriate questions. The system will know what questions have been asked of it previously, and adjust the level of answer provided accordingly. Individuals can follow their interests as far as they wish collaborating with others anywhere else on or near the planet, in real time.

Communications invited.

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