Welcome To Ailsa's Homepage

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This Page has been put together with two purposes in mind.

One purpose is to show a few pictures Ailsa wishes to share with friends.

The second purpose is to share and illustrate a quite remarkable story of Ailsa's recent life.
That story is one of a journey from being crippled with pain to the extent of buying a wheel chair, to her current position of being pain free most of the time, climbing mountains, playing piano, and living a full life free of asthma, allergies and eczema.

The story involves no miracle cures, but is rather one of determination and a progression of ideas and beliefs.

My new business venture Short Walks for Guided walks in the Kaikoura Area.

The Pictures

  • Ailsa's Mt Fyffe walk with Sue on 24th Sept 05.
  • December 2005 Routeburn walk with Jewelia and Ted.