Ailsa's Routeburn 2005 Page

In early December 2005 Ailsa, Ted and Jewelia walked the Routeburn.

In part this was the completion of Ailsa's recovery goal from her time in a wheelchair to stand on the Harris Saddle, and in part it was to introduce Jewelia (aged 9) to the magnificences of the high country, and in part it was just plain fun.

Jewelia at the Flats

Jewelia in the Routeburn River on the flats near the Flats hut.


A wider view of the above shot on the flats near the Flats hut.

Mt Cook Lillies

Mt Cook Lillies (which are not lillies at all) in full flower.

Lake Harris

Ailsa and Jewelia above Lake Harris.

Highest Point

About the highest point on the trip, crossing above Lake Harris heading toward the Harris Saddle. The two little dots on the furthest point of the track are Ailsa and Jewelia.


A tarn (small lake) near the Harris Saddle.

Ailsa on the Harris Saddle

Ailsa on the Harris Saddle (note the medal from the "2 dollar shop" which we shared as appropriate along the way).

tramping high in the Ailsa Mountains

Tramping high in the Ailsa Mountains, above the Hollyford River.

Looking across the Hollyford

Looking across the Hollyford to a circ on the far side of the valley.

Steep and high

Steep and high, the track passing under an overhang, with several hundred feet of near verticle below.

above McKenzie

Ted begins the descent into Lake McKenzie.

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie. The hut is just visible at the furthest point of the lake. The lake was a brisk 7 degrees C, short swims were had by Ted and Jewelia.

There are no photo's from the third day as it was raining, and digital gear doesn't like the wet, but the walk from Lake McKenzie to the Divide has many waterfalls which were magnificent in the rain.