Ted Howard for Act

I am Ted Howard and I am standing as an Act Candidate because I am deeply concerned by what I see as our probable future if we keep on doing things as we are now. I see giving your party vote to Act as the most powerful polictical move you could make.

I have a big list of concerns, here are a few:

How is it that in an age of such plenty, millions die of starvation each year?

How is it that in an age of amazing technology, we are polluting our atmosphere and our waterways to a degree that threatens our own survival?

How is it that in an age of enlightenment we spend more on weapons than we do fighting disease and poverty?

It doesnít make sense in terms of humanity, or ecology, or our own long term self interest, but it does make sense in terms of economics.

We need to make economics work for everyone.

I have had a bit of practical experience, first as a commercial fisherman, then starting and building a software company. I have a degree in science, and have been involved in many community organisations. In the last few years as a Kaikoura District Councillor, and Chairman of the BOT at Kaikoura High School, as an Honorary Fisheries Officer, and a member of the Lions Club (to name a few). {more background here.} I am 53 years old, married with 2 children.

I listen to people, and while Iím not always great at generating good ideas myself, I am very good at recognising good ideas when other people say them. And Iím very good with long term implications.

I have been working on ways to sort out all the problems above, and have shared the problems with a lot of people. My website www.solnx.org shows a plan for how we can do what conventional economics says is impossible, but isnít: supply a range of basic goods and services to every individual at no cost.

That range would include basic warm housing, solar power, clean water, tended gardens, communications, electric vehicles, and total waste recycling. With this range any person would have the freedom to join in further economic activity, or not, without the need to take anything from anyone else. Anyone could live comfortably with the basics, or they could choose to work with others to do something of value to others. No more poverty, starvation, fuel crisis, or need for terrorism. Everyone is included.

I am committed to a future where technology works for people (not people working for technology). If the entire worldís population lived at 2 people on a quarter acre section using this technology, we could support ourselves happily in an area half the size of Australia. Humanity does not have to have a big impact on the ecology of the planet for everyone to live well.

I am committed to a future where everyone has a real opportunity to make a difference with their life. Where everyone is aware of the creative spirit they carry, and is encouraged to develop and use it wisely for the benefit of all.

The plan I have is not a 3 year plan, it is a 15 year plan. It is not simple, and the benefits are enormous. It is a win win outcome for all people who are willing to live in freedom without dominating others.

I have a vision for NZ where we have removed all introduced plants and animals from our national parks. Impossibly expensive with todayís technology, but with the assistance of a few hundred million solar powered machines to help catch introduced animals, remove weeds and build predator proof fences, it becomes possible.

With the building power of these machines we could make underground high speed rail connecting all centres that would make air travel seem slow, expensive and dangerous.

I ask you to make a difference for yourself, for New Zealand, for all humanity and all future generations, by assisting me to make this real.


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Ted Howard,
Ph 027 442 4281 AH/Fax 03 319 6797
Physical/Postal: 1 Maui St, Kaikoura, NEW ZEALAND
Location: 42°25.123'S 173°41.626'E

Authorised by - Nick Kearney, 137 Beach Haven Rd, Auckland.

email: ted.howard@act.org.nz