Welcome To Kaikoura


Here is a view from the bottom of our section on 28th August 2008

Winter view
Below is the view from our balcony at 1 Maui St on July 3 1998 at 7:30am.
It looks different every day.

This is a 180 degree panorama, from the West through North to East.

balcony view

If this does anything for your soul, you get why we're living here.

The fishing is great!  Some mornings I used go fishing before sunrise, and was back in the office by 8:30am.

Catch is mostly SPE, BCO & CRA, but BNS, HAP, SCH, SPO, SPD, KAH, RBM, BUT, TAR, BAR, ALB, LIN, BSH, MAK, and many others have been caught in the last few months.   2 minutes is a long time between bites, we fish depths from 30 - 400m.  Using the rods we catch lots of BlueCod, Perch & Ling. Got some nice hapuka (Groper) new year's eve (Dec 2000) - the biggest 53lb (24Kg).

Most trips we see dolphins and albatross, with up to 20 species of seabirds seen on any one trip.   Hectors, Dusky and Common dolphins are all common, Orca and Sperm whales are also common, with occasional sightings of a wide variety of whales.

Building plans are somewhat behind original schedule. We now have limited space, with more planned for after the mortgage is cleared.

Have a great day ! (Rest assured I am).

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My Standing for Mayor of Kaikoura in the 2016 Local body elections.

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Ted Howard, 1 Maui St, Kaikoura, NEW ZEALAND