For very high technology entities only

This is an appeal to either of two possible sources.

If there are one or more human beings who have worked out how to extend lifespans indefinitely - please share with me; or

If there really are one or more entities that have evolved in other parts of the universe, who are observing human activity, I ask for your assistance. It seems possible that the Earth may be some sort of "nature reserve", where our species is being given a chance to reach a level that would allow it to mix with more advanced entities. I make a request to consider that we have in fact reached that level, and that it is now appropriate to allow meeting and technological introduction.

Personally, I would really like to meet and talk with you - if you are in fact here and observing.

I would also appreciate your assistance in modifying the biochemistry of this body such that it does not biologically age, and is no longer vulnerable to cancer.

I think it is time for universal peace, prosperity, active tolerance, love and understanding.

If you are there - Please - respond explicitly. Tell me something of your history and evolution and interests and share what we need.

It is clear to me that our human social system is very close to being able to sustain abundance, freedom and peace; or self destruct. It seems to be a close call. And assistance in the direction of abundance, freedom and longevity greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Ted Howard,
Ph (+64) 27 442 4281 AH/Fax (+64) 3 319 6797
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