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Here is a copy of the Committee submission on the Te Korowai strategy.

Your committee is:

Ted Howard President 027 442 4281

Richard Craig Vice President 03 319 5123

Neil Pablecheque Club Captain 03 319 7037

Bill Hartley 03 319 6098

Bruce Hills 03 319 6377

Dave Milne 027 2277 554

Eddie Mackle 03 319 6109

Graeme Black - 03 310 6648

Grant Stringer 03 319 6771

John Nichols 03 319 5289

Murray Kerr 03 347 8215

Ray Herman 03 319 6112

Ray Peehi Oaro

AGM 2012

AGM was held on Sunday 8th January at 1pm at the Takahanga Bowling Club rooms.

Foreshore and Seabed

Our facilities seem to be under direct threat from this bill. Take a look at the submission by the Kaikoura district council and their supplementary submission.

Recreational Fishing Council Strategic review

Please download and read the Short Strategic Direction paper from the NZRFC, and take the survey after you have considered the options within. Also bring your considered thoughts to the AGM.

Consultation with Te Korowai has been reviewed

Te Korowai is now developing a draft strategy for all areas, which is now likely to be ready for public release mid 2011. The big quakes in Christchurch have severely disrupted our schedule.

Consultation contact form may be downloaded, completed and returned to us, or just send us an email saying what you think and or how you want us to represent you.

AGM 2010

AGM was held on Sunday 3rd January at 1pm at the Takahanga Bowling Club rooms (on the corner of Torquay and Killarney streets - Kaikoura).

Minutes of 2010 AGM may be downloaded.

Minutes of 2009 AGM may be downloaded.

Financial Statement for 2008-2009 year may also be downloaded.

Rules of KBC may be downloaded (these were accepted at the 2010 AGM).

Send us your email address if you wish to go on the contact list for issues and updates.

Note - All facilities are for use of members and families. Access is by key, and only members may use the keys (they may not be loaned to friends).

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  • email: kbc@fishnet.co.nz