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TeamViewer quick support, right click and save this Teamviewer11 Version to your desktop. Then whenever you need support, double click to run it on your machine, call us with your 9 digit ID number that will be displayed on your screen.   Simple and seamless remote support.

LFR System update available as of 19th October 2016 (V5.90J). Use the Utilities menu - option U.

Alternatively download the LFR System update V5.90J SOLNUPD.exe self extracting archive - and run it (5,068 KB).

Version V5.90 and above also requires new libraries, so please ensure you have downloaded REDIST.exe self extracting archive - and run it if using the archive above to update.

This is a Major Upgrade to the system, with a new way of getting information from Fishserve about every transaction.

Also in this update is the change in Eels from ANG10-ANG16 to SFE and LFE 10-16, and several new TACCs.

Kiwi Cashbook updated as of 1st October 2010 Version 4.11 complete with new GST rates.

Software, Design, Development and support. Systems design for radical abundance. For general computer support - contact Ted.

Please see Ted standing for Mayor of Kaikoura in the 2016 Local body elections.

Local copy of SolnX